Group offering for dealing with sleep disorders

Improving sleep

STARS – Sleep Training Adapted for Refugees: English-speaking group for women with refugee experience from African countries

Sleep disorders are a common and extremely stressful problem among refugees. Research has shown that sleep disorders can be seen as an early warning sign of the development of other mental illnesses (e.g. depression, post-traumatic stress disorder). At the same time, they are very often associated with other mental illnesses and, unfortunately, often persist even after other mental illnesses have been successfully treated. Our clients report very different symptoms: e.g. B. Difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, nightmares, nocturnal ruminations but also often sleep-related fears, etc.

Refugio Munich offers culturally sensitive group therapy for women to deal with sleep disorders. We want to provide low-threshold, everyday access and do justice to the range of sleep-related problems.

Requirements for participation

  • Sleep disorders (e.g. difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, daytime tiredness, shifted sleep-wake rhythm, nightmares, sleep-related fears)
  • Age: 16-35 years
  • Origin: African, English-speaking countries
  • Willingness to participate regularly in group meetings
  • Participation possible in the morning until around 2 p.m. (duration 90 minutes)


  • 10 weekly sessions
  • language homogeneous group
  • Accompanying scientific evaluation (detailed initial and final diagnostics)

This is a transdiagnostic offer that is designed to be very low-threshold and not trauma-focused. As part of this additional group program from Refugio Munich, unfortunately no reports can be written for the BAMF and individual therapies cannot automatically be offered following the group.


The new group for women is scheduled to start in early summer 2024; the exact date will be announced later. Registrations for this are already being accepted by

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