Psychological Offers for refugees from Ukraine

For refugee children, youth and adults from Ukraine, as well as people who have lived in Ukraine but do not have Ukrainian citizenship and all refugees due to the war in Ukraine

Our services are free of charge and we are bound by confidentiality. We are funded by the City of Munich, Aktion Deutschland Hilft and the SZ-Adventskalender.


Psychological consulation consultation hours for children, adolescents and adults (free of charge)

We offer psychologically consultation hours (maximum five appointments per person) for people who had to flee due to Ukraine war. We are always accepting registrations, please use the registration form and send the registration by e-mail to or by fax to 089/982957-57. We accept registrations by phone every Friday from 9-11 a.m.: 089/98 29 57-45. Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, German (in case of other languages, an interpreter can be consulted).




Current group offers (free of charge)

All groups are held in Ukrainian and/or Russian. They are closed groups with 6-8 sessions each. Registration is required and can be made at any time. You are also welcome to contact us if you would like to register people with other language skills. It is possible to organize additional groups for other language groups.



Children often show significant stress and changes in behavior after experiences of war and flight. In artistic and creative work, joy and individual strengths are to be awakened. The group is led by an art therapist and a psychologist. Parallel to this course, a stabilizing parents‘ group takes place.

Registration possible at any time, language: Ukrainian/Russian. Location: Franziskanerstr. 14 in Munich.



Parents with war and refugee experiences are often worried about their children and have to deal with stress and strain themselves. The participants receive information about frequently experienced reactions after extraordinary stresses and get suggestions on how to cope well with the current challenges. Parallel to this group, the art therapy group for children takes place.

Registration possible at any time, language: Russian. Location: Franziskanerstr. 14 in Munich.



Many people have a special approach to dance. Thoughts and feelings can be expressed through movement, but there is also room for fun and shared joy. The aim of the dance group is to (re)discover your own resources.  The course is led by a psychologist.
For women aged 18 and over. We accept registrations. A group start is planned for the next few months (probably April) (as at 20.2.24), but you will have to wait until the group start date can be announced.



An art therapy group for teenagers (aged 13-17) is planned for the Whitsun holidays from 27-31 May (excluding 30 May) from 10 am to 4 pm. We accept registrations at any time.


„Power Source“ Group

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine is still ongoing, in this difficult time it is important that we take good care of ourselves. In the „Power Source“ group, we learn psychological resilience, strengthen the sense of community, teach methods for stabilization and the search for resources.
Participation is for adults over the age of 18. We accept registrations at any time.
Language: Ukrainian/Russian.
Registrations for the next group will be accepted (next group start is not fixed yet)




Counseling telephone

On fridays between 9–11 a.m. you can call our counseling hotline with questions or for further information.
Phone: 089 982957-45




The Refugio Art Workshop (free of charge)

The Refugio Art Workshop Refugio Kunstwerkstatt offers regular groups in some shelters for refugee children from Ukraine. The groups are meant to be a place of rest and arrival.  Creative work is done with different materials and techniques. In addition, we offer art workshops for Ukrainian children in our own rooms in the Art Lab2 every Monday from 1 to 4 p.m. and every Tuesday from 12 to 3 p.m. in cooperation with the Ukrainian Cultural Center Gorod. The children have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, for example by painting or handicrafts. In the meantime, the parents can get into contact with each other in a relaxed atmosphere in a tea room. Young people are also welcome to come to our regular weekly workshops at Kunstlabor2. Photography, art and music workshops are offered. The group offerings are intended to provide a protected space and thus contribute to the psychological stability of the participants.

Marvin Scheler will gladly accept registrations and questions about the offerings at
The staff is looking forward to seeing you!



If you need more information about psychosocial support for refugees from Ukraine or would like to make an appointment, please contact the MHCU by e-mail
or by phone Friday: 9-11 a.m. under phone: 089 / 98 29 57 45
We ask that you make an appointment by email or phone, there are no open office hours.
You will find the MHCU at Franziskanerstr. 14, 81669 Munich, Germany.
Postal address: Refugio Munich – MHCU, Rosenheimer Str. 38, 81669 Munich